Thomas Massie

Congressman, KY-4

“I am honored to endorse TJ Roberts for State Representative for House District 66. TJ courageously stood against Governor Beshear’s lockdowns and ban on church attendance. TJ then sued Beshear in federal court and won. I am confident in TJ’s principles and his commitment to preserving the Constitution. TJ is changing the direction of Kentucky for the better, and I know he will be a powerful asset in Frankfort.”

Chet Hand

Boone County Commissioner & Boone County Republican Party Chairman

“TJ Roberts is the Republican that Boone County needs in Frankfort. Like our current delegation, TJ will fight for the interests of the people of Boone County, not the special interests. TJ will ensure that Frankfort is a good steward of tax dollars, root out corruption, and ensure that House District 66 receives real conservative representation. I’m happy to endorse him.

Savannah Maddox

Kentucky House of Representatives, District 61

“TJ Roberts is the rock solid conservative we can rely upon to put a stop to the tax and spend mentality that has become so pervasive in Frankfort. He volunteered countless hours to help pass Constitutional Carry and defend the 2nd Amendment years before he ever ran for office. He stood up to Andy Beshear’s church ban from day 1 even when it wasn’t popular to do so. TJ has my full endorsement, because I know he is the authentic Republican we can count on in the 66th House District race.”

Steve Rawlings

Kentucky House of Representatives, District 66

Ron Paul

Former Congressman, MD (Retired)

“I enthusiastically endorse T.J. Roberts for Kentucky House District 66. TJ was an early participant in my Ron Paul Scholars Seminar and I have been very impressed with his dedication to the cause of liberty. TJ Roberts represents the best of the next generation of the liberty movement and I urge Kentucky voters to send him to the House.”

Vivek Ramaswamy

“In April 2020, the Kentucky government ordered mandatory quarantine on Easter Sunday churchgoers. Three of those churchgoers stood up and sued the Governor for violating their Constitutional rights. TJ Roberts is one of those patriots. He won. TJ Roberts fights for liberty, school choice, and our Constitution. He signed my American Truth pledge and I’m proud to endorse him for KY HD-66.”

Colton Moore

Georgia State Senator, District 53

“When I started the process to remove Fani Willis from office for her corrupt prosecution of President Donald Trump, TJ Roberts stood with me. TJ Roberts valiantly fought to protect President Trump from lawfare and government weaponization, and he continues that fight for every American as a constitutional attorney. For that reason, along with his commitment to faith, family, and freedom, it is my pleasure to give my full and total endorsement to TJ Roberts for State Representative in Kentucky. I know TJ will be a strong fighter and RINO Wrangler in Kentucky. Please join me in supporting him.”

Brandon Herrera

Candidate for US Congress, TX-23

“I met TJ years ago, and people like him are exactly the kind of freedom-first conservatives we need in office across the country. I’m proud to support him in his race, and he’s the obvious choice for the job.”


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Republican Liberty Caucus

Students for Trump – NKY

National Association for Gun Rights

Stand for Health Freedom

Northern Kentucky Right to Life

Kentucky Liberty Republican Association

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