TJ Roberts is a native of Boone County, Kentucky, where his family has called home for multiple generations. Roberts is a graduate of Boone County Public Schools, which he attended from Elementary through High School. In college, he stood up to his university administration when they suppressed conservative voices and trampled on free speech. Roberts is a lifelong resident of Kentucky House District 66.
TJ has been blessed to fight for our rights and freedoms for many years. In 2020, he sued Andy Beshear after he banned worship, protest, and other activities protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and he won, setting a precedent for similar cases across America.
This victory was not TJ Roberts’s only victory for those who believe in the right to worship and assemble, as TJ has dedicated his life to protecting the constitutional principles that made America great. In Frankfort, he has fought for school choice, constitutional carry, the campus free speech and due process act, the abolition of vaccine mandates, efforts to stop Andy Beshear’s lockdowns, Right to Work, banning taxpayer-funded lobbying and the end of abortion, and has fought tirelessly AGAINST tax increases, reckless spending, and invasions of our constitutional liberties.
Roberts has worked on the campaigns of many champions of liberty, including Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Savannah Maddox- and has worked in Frankfort to fight for pro-liberty, anti-corruption legislation. As a conservative and most importantly as a Christian, his faith in God has been the cornerstone of his beliefs and principles from a young age. Roberts has sought to serve his community not only through political advocacy but also by volunteering in ministry.
TJ Roberts completed his legal education at NKU – Chase College of Law, and now works as an attorney, fighting for liberty in our courts. Roberts is a fighter for our faith, for our freedom, for Boone County, and for the Constitution.
TJ’s family has its roots in Horse Racing, and has long taught him the value of faith in Jesus Christ, the importance of hard work, and conservative values. TJ lives on a small farm in Burlington, KY.

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